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New at ActivTrax: The ActivTrax System is Now Called Capture RMS™

There’s a little bit of new all over ActivTrax. You’ll of course notice our new website and new application features like the Lifecycle Manager. We’ve also done a bit of renaming to help better identify products and features that we offer.

The ActivTrax system you have seen grow over the past 12 years is now known as Capture RMS™. It’s still the same great product, but its name now helps better convey our story. ActivTrax is much more than workout software. We’re in the business of promoting health for your members and helping keep them engaged. Data from fitness centers across the United States shows time and time again that Capture RMS™ users stay active longer in both commercial and nonprofit facilities alike.

The driving principle behind Capture RMS™ is that it is process-driven. We respect and understand your business cycle and have engineered our products with that in mind. Starting with the onboarding process through the life of your member we’ll be there to enhance your presence. There is no better way industry-wide to identify, guide, engage, and track your members.

On the member side we continue to offer an exceptional experience with ATX Workouts and ATX Nutrition. Already an ActivTrax enhanced facility? Let’s talk about how our training programs can help you get the most out of your products.

Over the coming months we will explore Capture RMS™ in depth to help you learn more about what ActivTrax can do for you.


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