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When You Eat is an Important Aspect of Nutrition

Posted on: 29 Apr 2014
Most wellness plans include a program of nutrition and exercise to reduce or maintain weight. One aspect of nutrition warrants a closer look. Recent studies have shown that the timing of your member's meals can have a significant effect on the results of their weight management program.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Tufts University and the University of Murcia in Spain conducted a study of 420 overweight people in a weight loss program. The group was divided into two groups: early eaters and late-eaters with late-eaters eating their largest meal of the day after 3 p.m.  

Because lunch is thought of as the big meal of the day in Spain, the early-eaters consumed just less than half a day’s calories in their mid-day meal before 3 p.m. while the others ate after 3 p.m. Late-eaters reported consuming a larger portion of their daily calorie intake during their last meal of the day. They also ate smaller breakfasts, sometimes skipping the first meal of the day entirely.

In the first five weeks of the twenty-week study, weight loss for each group was about the same. After week five, the late-eating groups saw their rate of weight loss level off and remain static for the remainder of the study.  All told the early-eaters lost 22% more than their late night eating counterparts. Late-eaters also showed insulin sensitivity, a risk factor for diabetes.

The study took into consideration total calorie intake, energy expenditure; sleep habits and the effects of appetite hormones - similiar conditions all found in both groups. All this leads to the conclusion that the timing of when you eat has a pronounced effect on weight loss.

While the study indicates that far better fitness results come to those who dine early, it also underscores the importance of nutrition on a total wellness plan. That being said, calorie counting, parsing out fat calories from carb calories is mind numbing for most fitness buffs. The ATX Nutrition app, one of many interacting fitness and nutrition apps offered by ActivTrax can be a key component in your members’ battle to shed those extra pounds. ATX Nutrition helps with meal planning and calorie counting and can even make out a grocery list of healthy choices to help make your members weight management program a success.

Ultimately the measure of success of a wellness center is the success of its members.  ActivTrax provides a platform and personalizes nutrition and exercise programs to help your members reach their fitness goals.  

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