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5 Proven Ways for Your Wellness Center to Improve Member Retention

Improve Member Retention     
Posted on: 17 Apr 2014


A motivating environment encourages members to remain committed.When you improve member retention, you’re helping your Wellness Center to support healthy living. A motivating environment encourages members to remain committed and helps them to achieve their individual fitness goals.

Naturally, each branch may require some different programs to reflect the unique nature of their community. At the same time, there are many strategies that are widely successful at building community and helping members get the results they want.

Consider these 5 suggestions to get started:

Lead off with a strong orientation. Perform a comprehensive initial assessment. Talk with each new member in depth about their goals. Give them a full tour of your facilities. Make sure an instructor guides them through the use of any unfamiliar equipment.

Provide ongoing education. Enable access to continuous education and training. Stress the benefits of working with a personal trainer. Publish informational resources like a membership newsletter and fact sheets.

Feature incentives. Everyone likes working towards a goal or receiving a surprise gift. Give people coupons for a free session with a personal trainer or a complimentary pass to a nutrition lecture.

Facilitate friendships. It’s easier to exercise regularly when you make the experience social. Make it simple for new mothers and senior citizens to find each other. Encourage work out buddies. Organize clubs and host special events.

Establish a personal connection. These days, people have many options for where to work out. In addition to gyms and exercise studios, there are computer apps and videos they can use in their own homes. Demonstrate why a membership in your center is worthwhile. Provide superior customer service and personal attention. Measure the impact you’re having on each member and the community.

Contact us for an affordable and effective solution to improve member retention and help your members realize their objectives. We offer a world-class platform and over 12 years experience working with health and fitness facilities.


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