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Five Tips that Will Improve Your Customer Service

Improve Customer Service
Posted on: 9 Apr 2014


Even the best company in the world needs to improve customer service to stay ahead of the game. No one survives on the same model of member service forever because the tides of the member base change consistently. Revisit and improve member service on a regular basis to keep the member flow steady.

1. Common Ground

The most obvious common ground is the product or brand. Your member has come to you because they like what you have to offer. Today's member has already done research on your product, and the common interest brings the member to the purchase. However, since most members will research one particular product, you will need to help them learn about the rest of your products. You will need to find out what else your brand has in common with the member and how to bring that member to other items in your inventory.

2. CARP the Complaints

Complaints are never pleasant, but they are a necessary part of member service. Excellent companies will use complaints to find ways to improve on product. Deal with complaints using the CARP method: Control, acknowledge, refocus, and problem-solve. Maintain control of the situation by allowing the member to voice the full situation before you acknowledge the issue. The issue should be acknowledged by restating the problem to make sure all parties understand. Refocus the member toward what you can do for him or her, then tell the member how the problem will be solved. If there are options, present them in the "refocus" portion of the complaint.

3. Positive Language

Think about these two sentences: "We can't deliver that until next week. It's unavailable until then." "I can get that to you next week. The order can be placed now and I will make sure it's sent when it reaches the warehouse." Which sentence would make you place your order, and which would make you go somewhere else? Try to eliminate "not", "no", or any negative terms from all conversation with members. Gear the conversation to the solution instead of the problem and your company will be viewed as a problem solving company that takes care of members.

4. Prove You Care

One of the biggest issues many members have with member service representatives is that they seem to want to move on to the next member as fast as possible. This doesn't give much time for one-on-one, devoted member care. Ask questions built around the product and take the time to make eye contact. Truly listen to the member and use proactive listening. Paraphrase the member's words and refer back to earlier conversation when trying to find the perfect product. Basically, treat a member with the same respect you would give a friend to clinch the sale.

5. Follow Up

This is one of the most important points for many different industries. Follow up with the members after the order is placed, either with a simple, "Thank you" or an offer for complimentary services or products. Members like hearing a thank you or follow up communication; often, it's easier to retain a member who has consistent communication from the business. Additionally, the member will remember you when they need more product.

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