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Food Logs Improve Nutrition and Weight Loss

Posted on: 9 Apr 2014


Tracking your food choices is a must for mindful nutrition and weight loss.   A 2008 study showed that people who tracked their food choices in a food diary for six months lost twice as much weight as those who did not record what they ate.  Simply writing down what you eat makes you more accountable for your choices.  You might think twice about thoughtless snacking or high-calorie dishes if you know you will see the evidence in black and white.

Tracking food choices also improves nutrition.  You can note what food groups you have eaten each day and supplement when making snack and meal choices.  This will bring more balance to your daily meals.  ActivTrax makes calculating and tracking nutritional values effortless.  You can plan meals, make grocery lists, track water intake, and even keep track of your blood-sugar levels.  

Food logs help determine if you have sensitivity to certain foods.  For instance, you can note if you have discomfort after eating gluten-rich foods or dairy.  Pinpointing food sensitivities will help you make wiser food choices and improve how you feel.

Additional details to note in your food diary include: portion sizes, times you eat, who you are with, and the occasion.  You might start to see trends in overeating or discover binge triggers if you have a problem with emotional eating.

Most experts recommend logging what you eat soon after eating.  Otherwise, food amnesia can set in.  To get an accurate picture of your nutrition, include even little snacks you eat during the day like a handful of peanuts.  Those handfuls add up.  

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