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The power of ATX Workouts comes from its ability to prescribe you a custom workout on the equipment you have available — it's that simple. Whether you workout at a gym or at home, each workout is generated for you, based on your abilities and preferences. Our intelligent workout engine keeps your muscles guessing, eliminates platuaus, and takes away the boredom that comes from doing the same exercise routine over and over again. Each workout comes with instructions on exactly how much weight to use and the number of reps to perform. All you need to do is follow the plan!

Building Your
Workout Plan
Using ActivTrax requires no prior knowledge about fitness and takes less than 5-minutes to get started. You tell us the results you're looking for, the frequency & length of your workouts, and we'll take it from there.
The ActivTrax Difference
Our patented and proven technology is what sets ActivTrax apart from everyone else. Other programs only tell you what exercises to do — we tell you the actual amount you need to lift. And, your ongoing feedback clues the system in to making the appropriate weight changes so that you're continually challenged. No more guessing or wondering...we do it all for you.
How it Works
First, you ACCESS your workout on your iOS or Android device, computer, or at an ATX Kiosk. Next, you PERFORM your prescribed exercises. Then RECORD your workout as you go on your mobile device or on your printed workout sheet. Remember to enter your results into ATX Workouts if you used the paper version when you are done.

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Find everything you need in one place for exercise and healthy living. Its powerful and intuitive interface make ATX Workouts and ATX Nutrition your perfect companion. Available anyplace you are. On your mobile device, computer, or at an ActivTrax Kiosk located in excercise facilities.

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