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Improved on boarding process increases member retention

Improved on boarding process                                                                             Posted on: 8 May 2014


Remember the first day you stepped inside a new classroom on the first day of school? A new member's first day at the gym can be just as intimidating as the first day of school for a second-grader. Greeting a new environment and facing new personal challenges to improve health can be daunting. A strong on boarding process can quickly put a new member at ease and create a positive experience beginning the first day at the front desk through continued workouts with a personal trainer.

On boarding provides an opportunity to create a positive first impression. Beginning with the first greeting at the gym, a new member must have a positive experience as they are oriented and socialized to the gym's culture and their new environment. A new member who feels welcome and comfortable will be optimistic about attending the gym.  

During the on boarding  process, new members also learn about their current level of wellness, and the steps they will need to take to achieve wellness goals. On boarding aims to help new members gain clear expectations through the knowledge, skills, and behaviors they will need to be successful.

A clearly defined on boarding process significantly impacts whether or not your new members will continue attending your gym. By combining positive first experiences with a clear understanding of workouts and fitness goals, the member is more likely to remain motivated and reach wellness goals, and  less likely to quit.

On boarding provides many benefits as new members:

  • Become familiar with the gym, equipment, and processes
  • Gain a clear understanding of their current fitness level
  • Develop rapport with trainers, employees, and other members
  • Set goals for attainable fitness and wellness
  • Learn which routines and workouts will be most helpful for them to reach goals
  • Learn who to ask for questions
  • Increase their motivation


On boarding also provides an opportunity to check in with new members. Arranging a time to meet with new members to see how they're doing in their first week and month helps ensure things are going well and shows an interest in their continued success. Members have the opportunity to re-visit goals, talk about successes, and discuss any areas in which they find challenging.

Through an improved on boarding process, members should feel they have made the best decision in joining your gym, and that they have the support needed to help them reach their wellness goals. The initial investment in an on boarding program will be well worth the results as members' success is realized through continued attendance.

Contact us today to learn more about our on boarding process and how it can improve your membership retention rates.


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