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Long-term Retention Begins With An Initial Appointment

One of the most important steps to creating an effective on-boarding process is to ensure that just about every new member gets scheduled for an inital appointment.  The traditional pencil and paper system is not only cumbersome but also leaves voids in communication amongst staff.  Even the use of some higher tech solutions like Google Calendar lack some of the specific features necessary to effectively manage a wellness center’s needs.


The right scheduling tool will help close the communication gap between membership and wellness staff and should also help to foster engagement between staff and members.  Web-based solutions are always preferable as they provide the most accessibilty to staff and allow for real-time updates as schedules and appointments change.

Key features to consider when implementing a scheduler should include:

  • the ability for staff to create their availability

  • the ability for front desk and other staff to view availabilities and book appointments

  • the ability to close or complete appointments with specific result codes.

  • the ability to for staff to confirm appointments

  • the ability for tracking and reporting

  • the ability to tie into the company CRM or other tracking system so that appointment information can be shared among staff.

To often, wellness centers try to use off the shelf scheduling software or generic online schedulers in an effort to save a few dollars. While the basic objective of scheduling appointments may be met, the costs in failing to tie the the results and other information into the bigger picture is overlooked. Schedulers which have are specifically designed with a wellness centers needs in mind can play an instrumental part in successfully on-boarding new members and ultimately their long-term retention.


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