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Updated Staff Menus

The appearance of the ActivTrax Menu bar will be updated for all users with a staff privileges.  Aside from an aesthetic improvement, the change is designed to make navigation a bit easier and more intuitive for new users.  Most of the menu items have remained the same.  However, it’s important to note two key changes.

The first change is the relocation of the My ActivTrax menu item.  This menu item will appear only for those staff profiles that are set to 'Can Workout'.  Only users with Manager rights can toggle this feature on or off.  Managers can enable the 'Can Workout' feature for individual users by navigating to the employee's profile and placing a check mark in the Can Workout field. 

A more significant change to the new look is that the member search function is no longer located within the yellow menu bar.  The feature is still available however, it’s just been moved.  To reveal the Member Name or Activity ID search fields, simply click on the Toggle Quick Search text located at the top of the page and the search fields will appear.  Their function has not changed so you can search for members in the same way to which you’ve become accustom.


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