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Why Do You Need Challenges? Here are Four Reasons

Challenges                                                                                                            Posted on: 6 May 2014                             

Why do you need Challenges? That's an excellent question. Luckily, we have four fantastic answers.

  • Hearing About Challenges: People are always hearing about challenges in work, play, and on social media. Not a day goes by without another challenge to work harder, become more efficient, and become healthier. Using a challenge to motivate members is something they are used to hearing about, and can become a routine.


  • Customizing Their Challenges: Members love to customize their own challenges to make them harder or easier to do each day or week. They like to be in control of their own destinies and this way they can create their individual challenges and goals.


  • Rewarding Their Work: Members love getting rewards for completing parts of challenges. They can accumulate points and redeem them for prizes or hold onto them for even larger prizes. Even as children, we wanted prizes, so why change as an adult? They do not have to be large prizes, just something to show that they are keeping on track. 


  • Congratulating or Encouraging by Staff: Using software to track members’ progress allows the wellness staff the ability to congratulate or encourage a member to stay on the challenges. They can help the members get closer to their goals and pose new challenges once they have completed previous ones.


By providing challenges for member participation and interaction, you can encourage members to communicate with the staff, stay on top of their goals, feel confident, and create positive feedback about their wellness clubs. The members will be happier and healthier clients who enjoy going to their wellness centers.

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