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Capture RMS™ provides you with an impressive suite of tools designed to improve retention and serve your members more effectively.  Our powerful and patented technology provides your members with guidance and instruction that goes well beyond just a simple workout routine. Whether your members choose to follow our guided workouts, a workout designed by your staff, use our activity tracker to record their cardio and group exercise classes or use our online food journal & meal planner, our technology can help guide them toward reaching their goals while keeping your staff in tune with their every step.

Dynamic Workouts
Every member workout is generated on demand, customized around their unique wants, needs, goals, and ability. As members grow and change, so do their workouts -- it keeps them coming back. Our technology is proven to improve member retention and increase personal training demand. Let us transform your fitness center and help you reach your business goals.
Trainer Guided Workouts
Personal training clients have some of the highest retention rates. Imagine taking your best trainers and enabling them to take on more clients without compromising quality. Welcome to Trainer Guided Workouts. Your trainers stay in complete control of their clients workouts and gain additional insight into how they're performing on non-personal training days.
Circuit Routine Builder
Our Circuit Routine Builder puts your fitness staff in complete control. With a few clicks of the mouse, create customized routines for members to follow and still enjoy the advantage of our intelligent weight prescription. Circuits are ideal for older populations or inexperienced exercisers who may not want the variety that our dynamic workouts provide.
Activity Tracker
Our easy to use interface allows your members to track and record their cardiovascular activities such as running, walking, swimming, inline skating, rowing, or any other activity they like to perform. There's no limit to what they can track.
Nutritional Guidance
Upwards of 80% of all new members are interested in losing weight. Our powerful tool guides your members towards a more healthy lifestyle. Our nutrition module is feature-rich, giving members access to a food journal, meal plan assistant, grocery assistant, blood sugar tracker, water tracker, nutrient intake breakdown, and tools to track body weight, body mass index (BMI), and more.
Web Powered.
Accessible Everywhere.
Whether your members are in the gym, at home, or on the go, access for members couldn't be simpler. Their Workout and Nutrition tools are available on their mobile devices (iOS and Android), desktops, and at any ATX Kiosk. Our mobile version satisfies your more tech-savvy members and is a convenient tool for those that travel.
Build each member's fitness experience around their unique wants, needs, goals and abilities.
Enhance your members' journey with state-of-the-art fitness and nutrition tools.
Empower your staff with tools that turn ordinary memberships into lifetime relationships.
Provide staff & management with key data to identify important trends and behaviors.

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