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Long-term retention begins with truly understanding your members' needs and being able to deliver results.  Information sitting tucked away in a filing cabinet doesn't do anyone any good. To build and maintain meaningful relationships, staff need quick access to up-to-date information. Whether it's aquatics, basketball, group exercise, weight training, or any other activity you provide, Capture RMS's is an effective tool in helping your members get started on the right track and ensures they get the results they're after.

Gather and Share Information
Designed to complement your existing orientation process, our customizable member profile can be easily configured to capture whatever baseline information you consider important. Each member's digital record is readily accessible by staff to better address member needs.
Accurate Weight Prescription
Our ability to accurately and safely prescribe weight for every piece of equipment within your facility is what sets us apart —
we turn every one on your fitness staff into an expert.

Our patented 5-exercise strength test is quick, easy to learn, reliable and takes the guesswork out of setting
members' weights correctly.
Built Around Your Equipment
You've invested a good deal of time and money choosing your equipment, why not get the most out of it? Our patented prescriptive technology takes each individual piece of equipment's unique characteristics into account to fine tune the recommended weight before prescribing it to members.
Build each member's fitness experience around their unique wants, needs, goals and abilities.
Enhance your members' journey with state-of-the-art fitness and nutrition tools.
Empower your staff with tools that turn ordinary memberships into lifetime relationships.
Provide staff & management with key data to identify important trends and behaviors.

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