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Regardless of how your members choose to record their daily activities, ActivTrax Plus makes it easy to consolidate, track, and manage their fitness information.  Whether they prefer using a wearable device or simply want to automate the task of capturing their body weight, ActivTrax Plus eliminates the need to manually record and enter data.

Capture your Fitbit Fitbytes
By enabling our Fitbit integration, your members' ActivTrax accounts are automatically updated when they synchronize any of their Fitbit devices. Information we capture includes most of the data automatically recorded as well as any manual entries. Whether it's steps walked, calories consumed, or measurements taken, uploading information to their ActivTrax account couldn't be easier.
Jawbone UP UP and Away
Our integration makes keeping your members' Jawbone UP to date with their ActivTrax account effortless. Every time their Jawbone UP account is updated, their critical data is automatically sent to their ActivTrax account, providing one place to track their fitness accomplishments.
Polar Activity Monitors
By simply placing their Polar Activity Monitor onto the Activtrax Kiosk located at your fitness facility your members' recorded activities are automatically uploaded into their ActivTrax online dashboard. All Polar devices that utilize the FlowLink technology are supported.
Weigh in with Withings
Tracking progress has never been easier. Our seamless integration with Withings allows your members to monitor their body weight and composition simply by stepping on their Withings scale. From there, we do all the work. Their information is automatically uploaded directly to their ActivTrax account.
Capture RMS™
World-class relationship management system build specifically for fitness centers.
ATX Kiosk
Effortlessly serve thousands of members with our quick and easy to use interface.
Quality suspension trainers made to promote exercise everywhere. At work, at home, or on the go.
Training & Services
Training focused on strengthening your onboarding process and improving retention rates.

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