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Our philosophy is simple: Retention is what really matters.

In a business environment where members outnumber staff by a ratio of more than 200:1 effective systems are critical. The ability to grow your business is directly tied to the strength of your relationships. And at the end of the day, the key performance indicator that really matters is retention. A failure to deliver results and build long-term meaningful relationships nearly ensures a turnstile-like business model where members quit nearly as fast as they join.

Things can be better.

Our time-tested and proven model of on-boarding members for the long-term is what sets us apart and makes our customers more successful than their competition. Our process is designed around four distinct steps in building long-term relationships that last with members who stay: Identify, Guide, Engage and Track.

Our customers are able to more easily identify each member's needs, address them, and improve their staff-to-member relations through powerful tools that make communication easier and more timely. Most importantly, our technology provides insight into the on-boarding process that would otherwise be nearly impossible to identify and allows management to hold staff accountable for actions that really make a difference.

Whether your mission is building community or driving revenue our philosophies are the same: retention is what really matters.

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