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The ATX Kiosk interface is specifically designed for your less technical members to quickly and easily print and record their workout results. The large buttons & intuitive interface make it easy for your older population and non-smartphone users to quickly navigate.

Fast, Powerful & Efficient
The kiosk is powered by a xxx processor and a high output Dell laser printer that provides nearly instantaneous printing. At a cost of less than 2-cents per page, the kiosk provides an inexpensive, reliable and convenient solution for servicing a large number of members.
Built in the USA to Last
Manufactured with American pride, the kiosk's durable design is built to withstand years of use. Constructed from 14 gauge metal, attention to detail is visible in the fully welded and ground surfaces. Textured powder coat paint provides more protection from wear and tear than typical paint, ensuring that the kiosk stays looking great for years to come. Its intuitive design makes maintenance almost effortless as all components are readily accessible.
en Español
The kiosk interface provides support to your growing Spanish speaking population. With the simple click of a button, users can switch the interface from English to Spanish.
And More...
Options include a commercial grade touch screen monitor to make input even easier and Polar's Flowlink Adapter which allows users to wirelessly upload all their cardiovascular activities into their online profile.
Capture RMS™
World-class relationship management system build specifically for fitness centers.
Quality suspension trainers made to promote exercise everywhere. At work, at home, or on the go.
ATX Plus
Help members get the most out of their workouts by wirelessly recording and transferring workout data.
Training & Services
Training focused on strengthening your onboarding process and improving retention rates.

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Find everything you need in one place for exercise and healthy living. Its powerful and intuitive interface make ATX Workouts and ATX Nutrition your perfect companion. Available anyplace you are. On your mobile device, computer, or at an ActivTrax Kiosk located in excercise facilities.

Available at over 2000 locations and on the go.

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