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It's All About Relationships

We understand. You're in the relationship business; that's why we built Capture RMS™ — a relationship management system that goes beyond just helping your members reach their fitness goals.  From the beginning of your members' fitness experience and throughout their entire onboarding process, our powerful technology makes your staff more effective in helping members by idenfiying key and meaningful engagement points which help to stengthen their staff-to-member relationships.

Capture RMS™
A complete relationship management system designed specifically for fitness & wellness centers.
Build each member's fitness experience around their unique wants, needs, goals and abilities.
Enhance your members' journey with state-of-the-art fitness and nutrition tools.
Empower your staff with tools that turn ordinary memberships into lifetime relationships.
Provide staff & management with key data to identify important trends and behaviors.
Listening and understanding are critical components in helping members succeed. Our customizable and flexible fitness assessment tool has been designed to compliment any member orientation process and provide staff with a powerful tool to capture critical member information.
Your success is directly tied to members achieving their goals. Empower your members with tools that do more than just help. Our Workout and Nutrition modules guarantee their success.
One of the most powerful aspects of Capture RMS™ is the ability to keep your staff in touch and on top of what your members are doing. Our comprehensive approach toward tracking and communications means your staff will never miss an opportunity to engage with members.
Have immediate access to critical onboarding data and member engagement status. Reports include activation and retention, member information, and use trends. Never be in the dark again.
Integration Capabilities
Capture RMS™ natively supports many popular member management software platforms for direct integration and
has a powerful API to extend it further.
ATX Kiosk
Effortlessly serve thousands of members with our quick and easy to use interface.
Quality suspension trainers made to promote exercise everywhere. At work, at home, or on the go.
ATX Plus
Help members get the most out of their workouts by wirelessly recording and transferring workout data.
Training & Services
Training focused on strengthening your onboarding process and improving retention rates.

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