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Educating and serving customers is what we do best. With over a decade of experience, we've developed various training programs to support the onboarding process and improve retention rates. Our comprehensive discovery process ensures that we fully understand your business and your goals before we begin training your management and frontline staff. And since each customer's needs differ, our implementation professionals use the information they gather to develop customized training & marketing materials to ensure you are best served.


Management Planning & Preparation
We work directly with upper management to assist and advise them in making important decisions regarding the touring and on-boarding process. Every element of your new member's experience is evaluated from the initial front desk greeting, to how membership staff conduct interviews and tours, to what fitness staff do during the member's first appointment.

Our work with management includes: secret shopping, developing program brand strategy, creating internal promotional material, developing best practices, creating effective automated communications & marketing pieces, and establishing expectations and methods of accountability.

Wellness Staff Training
Our well established timelines ensure we leave plenty of time to adequately prepare your staff. Using comprehensive written and video training materials we walk your staff through the new onboarding experience and cover the ins-and-outs of Capture RMS™. Our customizable assessment tool allows us to create a standardized process that enables your wellness staff to capture critical information as a part of a long-term retention strategy.
Membership &
Frontline Training
Developed specifically for your frontline staff, we share valuable strategy on improving conversion rates from guest to member. While the motivation behind driving membership may differ between commercial health clubs and non-profit organizations, the need for membership remains the same. Our staff are experts in identifying pitfalls in the touring & sales process and can train your staff in a hands-on approach to develop and improve their skills.
Capture RMS™
World-class relationship management system build specifically for fitness centers.
ATX Kiosk
Effortlessly serve thousands of members with our quick and easy to use interface.
Quality suspension trainers made to promote exercise everywhere. At work, at home, or on the go.
Activity Monitors
Help members get the most out of their workouts by wirelessly recording and transferring workout data.

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