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Our customers are big and small and cover just about every part of the fitness and wellness market. With goals as varied from club growth to community outreach, ActivTrax has found a way into the hearts of thousands of locations and serves over a million members.

We appreciate the kind words of our customers and hope that you’ll give us a chance to win you over.

South Hampton Roads
Through the reporting capabilities in ActivTrax, we know that 50% of our members 18 and older are engaged in FitQuest (ActivTrax). More impressive is that 45% of all members 8 and up are involved. In my opinion this program is one of the best ways we are able to meet the wants, needs and interests of our members in regards to healthy living, especially to those that need us the most; the health seeker. The difference in the retention rate of members on FitQuest (ActivTrax) to those that are not, can be as much as 23% at some of our family centers. I can’t express enough how much this program helps members achieve their personal wellness goals. The staff at ActivTrax are so responsive to our needs, are easy to work with and always looking for ways to improve their product. We’re proud to call them a partner.

Lynn Skeele-Flynn, Sr. VP, Program & Leadership Development
YMCA of Metro Chicago
One of our primary objectives at the YMCA of Metro Chicago is to create a consistent brand experience across all of our 19 membership centers, regardless of size. We found ActivTrax to be a robust training and nutrition solution that works within all of our Centers' budgets and staff configurations. In addition, the activation process creates a teachable moment between staff and members which has aligned quite nicely with our member engagement efforts.

Anne Bergquest, VP of Brand Management & Marketing
East Tennessee
The YMCA of East Tennessee has a long standing partnership with ActivTrax which helps our association properly on-board our new members in our centers. We believe in helping our members reach their goals in every aspect of their lives. With ActivTrax, we are able to assist our members with proper exercise and nutrition programming. The system has tremendous built-in tools to help our fitness coaches more deeply engage. Our members who use ActivTrax have an 87.8% retention rate at their 13-month anniversary whereas our non-ActivTrax members have just a 54.7% retention rate over the same period of time -- the end result is a net increase in our overall retention by 4.6%. I'm proud to recommend ActivTrax to any YMCA who is looking to increase membership satisfaction, implement effective engagement strategies, & on-board members for the long-term.

Kim Ballard, YMCA of East Tennessee

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